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About Me

Hi, My name is Andi Unpam, a few years ago I have a mission to create a Android app where everyone can running web server on their Android device, because before I learn about Android programming my background is a Web Developer, and now my mission has been successful, I am happy with the achievement.
With the passage of time I try to create another Android apps like dictionary app, qur’an app and etc. I love Android programming because I believe that Android will last a long time of existence, because we know Android is one of the products of Google which is one of the big technology corporate.

About Andi Unpam

Make Good Application

This case is a dream all software developer, one of them is me. How do I work?

Focus On User Friendly Design

Before I build a app I always consider if someday there are people who are not familiar with the smart phone using my apps.

Front-end & Back-end? Why Not

Until recently I worked alone to create applications, so I should be able to manage both, front-end and back-end. But I am happy, because then I can force my skills.

Technologies Summary

Java, Android, C, C++, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, HTML, MySQL, SQLite, Web CMS, Web Framework, Web Service, API, Third-Party, Git, Server, Unix/Linux, and learning about new mobile technologies.


Below are some screenshots of my Android applications.


My Android applications available on Google Play Store, you can download it all to your device.

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I’d love to hear something from you.